The GG 5.3 Weltoffenheit Initiative

We, the heads of twenty public cultural and research institutions in Germany, joined forces with other supporters to form the “Initiative GG 5.3 Weltoffenheit” in the fall of 2020. On December 10, 2020, we presented our statement to the public at a press conference at the Deutsches Theater in Berlin to make our goals and motivations clear. The initiative and our statement have met with a broad response in the media, and have triggered a debate that is as extensive as it is controversial, which is documented and continuously updated on this website. 

Our Statement

As representatives of public cultural and research institutions, we share a mandate from the state to promote arts and culture, historical research and democratic education and to make these accessible to the general public. Toward this end, we rely on a public sphere that allows for disputatious and controversial debates in accordance with the norms of the German constitution. In this, we are particularly aware of marginalized and disregarded voices that stand for cultural diversity and critical perspectives. At the center of our initiative lies a common struggle against antisemitism, racism, right-wing extremism and any form of religious fundamentalism that is willing to resort to violence. Read more

Statement regarding documenta fifteen

The decision to remove the work “People’s Justice” by the collective Taring Padi at documenta fifteen was unequivocally necessary because of its use of anti-Semitic stereotypes and incitement of hatred and resentment. It is also necessary to ensure that no further anti-Semitic works are shown. We reject any relativization of this unacceptable case. Anti-Semitism must not be given a place at documenta. Trust has been violated by documenta fifteen; it is therefore now crucial that everyone involved take a serious look at their own positions regarding anti-Semitism. Read more

Press Archives

Bekennt euch

Catrin Lorch

Süddeutsche Zeitung, 01.06.2022

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